The professionals at Roper Staffing know that having the right team is the key to a successful company. With over 40 years of experience connecting employers to the most qualified employees in South Carolina, Roper Staffing is the solution to your temporary and long-term staffing needs.

Local Staffing Experts

Roper Staffing has recruiting and screening experts throughout South Carolina in each of our locations.

Our recruiters take the time to understand the unique needs of your business so that we can match you with the best talent for your position. By working together, we are able to simplify the staffing process as your business continues to grow and evolve, giving you a team designed for long-term success.

Staffing Options for Employers

Every company’s needs for staffing are different. Whether your team is in need of a full- service hiring program created from the ground up, or additional staff during specific times of the year, the professionals at Roper Staffing are able to tailor services to meet your specific needs. When you hire our team to fill your office or light industrial positions, you have the flexibility to choose the level and type of services that are right for your company.

Wrong Hires
  • As Needed Temporary Help – Building staff for short periods of time when demand is at its highest can be challenging. This as-needed service gives you the ability to obtain top talent for your short-term project. Bring employees on board for help during the peak season, to cover vacation time or medical leave. Utilize the services of these employees for a specific amount of time necessary to complete your project.
  • Try Before You Hire – Many employers need to invest in full-time staff, but they also don’t want to waste their time on employees who may not have the necessary skills. With this option you gain the opportunity to observe the employee in the specific role prior to formalizing the employee-employer relationship.
  • Direct Hire – Many companies benefit from the direct hire option because it increases the available labor pool to include those currently working and those who would not consider a try before you hire approach. Direct hire requires a high commitment from both the employer and the employee. Many times our recruiters can find people not actively looking for work but interested in a great opportunity.

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