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Roper Staffing has the expertise to place you in a position with an excellent company that has a great working environment, and with a corporate culture that fits well with your own unique personality. This is where you can use your hard-won skills, knowledge, and experience to the best of your ability, allowing you to be a valuable asset to your employer and advance your personal and career goals at the same time.

How Roper Staffing Can Help Find the Perfect Position

Looking for a new job is a time and labor intensive endeavor. It involves scouring through job listings, networking with limited contacts, researching companies and seemingly endless interviews with little to no response.

This is where Roper Staffing can help. We have decades of experience quickly and effectively connecting job seekers to employers throughout South Carolina. We take the time to understand who you are, beyond the resume. We then take the process a step further and use this information to introduce you to potential employers.

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Roper Staffing Employment Options for Job Seekers

Roper employs the largest staff of employment professionals in the state, which allows us to provide the most personalized placement services of any agency.

We offer three different hiring options to meet your specific needs:

  • Temporary – Ideal for individuals interested in earning money while looking for work or growing their professional network, gaining valuable experience in an industry or changing career paths.
  • Try before Hire – Employees have the opportunity to evaluate the cultural fit, assess the demands of the job and determine if they see a long-term future with the company.
  • Direct Hire – Ideal for experienced candidates that may be currently working and are looking for career advancement or a career change. This option results in being hired directly.
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Benefits Roper Staffing Offers:

  • Health Insurance
  • Skills evaluations
  • 401-K company matching
  • Direct deposit or pay cards
  • Credit union affiliation
  • Prescription discount cards

The services of a professional staffing agency are invaluable in today’s job market and Roper is your best resource. Let Roper Staffing help you find the right position for your unique needs. Contact us or call one of our locations throughout South Carolina.

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