Recruiting & Screening

Outsourcing hiring services is empowering to any business. It allows you to transfer all or part of your recruitment and screening process to us, ensuring you have the best possible candidate without the overhead costs.

Top-Quality Recruitment

Searching for the right employee requires a lot of time, draining costly resources. It involves creating job listings, networking, identifying candidates, never-ending interviews, background screening, and back-and-forth salary negotiations. Only to realize the candidate may not be the right match for your business.

The seasoned recruiters at Roper Staffing have the know-how, connections and flexible employment options to help you find the right person for your team in a fast and effective way. If you partner with Roper Staffing for your recruitment needs, we will:

  • Get to Know Your Business and the Role(s): Before getting started on the talent search, we will talk with you to understand your criteria and concerns, any hiring challenges you have faced, and work to understand your unique environment and company culture.
  • Draft and Post Employment Advertisements: Roper Staffing will create the job posting describing the position and key qualifications required. We then post in the platforms most likely to reach your potential job candidates, including in our very own Job Listings.
  • Handle the Job Application Process: As applications and resumes begin to flood in for your open position(s), Roper Staffing reviews the submissions and selected candidates will be invited for a job interview. After Roper interviews and screens candidates, you only interview the most qualified.

Comprehensive Screening Process

With over 40 years of experience in South Carolina, we have a comprehensive knowledge of the local market. As a result, our team knows what qualities a candidate must possess to be successful in a role beyond the hard-skills required to accomplish daily tasks.

Our team of professional hiring experts employ a powerful interviewing process that produces results – matching the right employee with the right job. If you partner with Roper Staffing for your screening needs, we will:

  • Have a Thorough Interview Process: The professionals at Roper Staffing talk with each potential employee in a one-on-one setting, creating a thorough vetting process to find every possible skill set potential employees possess to make sure they are qualified for the job. In many cases, it is complex and may involve multiple interviews.
  • Mirror Your Hiring Process: We partner with our clients to understand their screening processes and requirements. We will customize the screening process to our clients’ needs and run thorough checks that can include: checking educational credentials, employment history, personal and professional references, credit history and criminal background checks.
  • Select the Most Qualified Person(s) for the Job: After Roper Staffing completes the initial interview and screening process, we give the employer an opportunity to interview the potential employee as well.
  • Seal the Deal: Once you have reached a positive decision on a candidate, we will handle the hiring process including salary negotiations and necessary paperwork.

Roper Staffing has an unparalleled team of experienced recruiters, industry experts and staffing professionals. With an ever-growing candidate pool, Roper Staffing has the resources to hand select applicants that fit your company’s unique needs. With branches throughout South Carolina, we’re here to help you through the hiring process. Contact us for a consultation to discuss your needs today.

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